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Colleen Trapuzzano, owner and CEO


Mrs. Trapuzzano is Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Omega and has been in and around nuclear facilities for over 20 years. Her focus has been Project Controls and Financial Analysis. She is responsible for all aspects of business operations for Omega, including cost and accounting, legal, and human resources. Key among her responsibilities is to provide corporate vision, leadership and strategic planning. Her day-to-day functions include the direct management of: corporate and satellite office staff, field support staffing, employee training & development, corporate IT services including database administration, financial oversight, audit support, budget/actuals analysis & planning, payroll, and ensuring availability of corporate resources for successful field execution.

Tim Trapuzzano, owner and president


Mr. Trapuzzano is Owner and President of Omega and has a B.S., Nuclear Science from University of Maryland. He has held this position since the Company’s inception in 1995. He has held key management positions in Hazard Category 2 nuclear facilities throughout the DOE/NNSA Nuclear Weapons Complex, including Operations Manager, Operations Support Manager, Readiness Manager, Technical Engineering Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager. Mr. Trapuzzano consults throughout the DOE NWE as a Senior Nuclear Operations Advisor. For the past 3 years he has served as the Integration Manager for the Dilute & Dispose Approach to disposition of 34 MT of excess pit and non-pit plutonium. In this role he has work closely with the Pantex Plant, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Savannah River Site and the WIPP site to develop a $20B life cycle cost estimate for the Dilute & Dispose Program. Mr. Trapuzzano served in the US Navy and is a service-disabled veteran.